Faculty and Staff Admission Opportunities

    The John Carroll Office of Admission is in need of enthusiastic faculty and staff volunteers to assist in the recruitment process for our next incoming class. There are various ways to get involved that you can explore below. In the provided form, please select all ways you would like to participate. As opportunities become available, we will contact you with further instructions. Thank you! 

    - Ray Brown and your friends from the Office of Admission

    Standard Fare

    Activities we've done for many years and need to continue to do so.

    Calls to interested students

    This is one that seems to resonate with fewer people every year. Still, there are those who enjoy making phone calls, just as there are those students who enjoy receiving them. These are not “cold calls,” though your reception by those called may seem chilly at times. These calls will target students who have demonstrated significant interest in JCU.

    Emails to admitted students
    Similar to phone calls, an email from a faculty or staff member will likely catch a student's eye quicker than another email from us. We can use this format to share information, generate engagement, or promote events. We will provide you with email templates.

    Attendance at on-campus events
    Faculty and staff participation in our admission events throughout the year is crucial in painting a picture of JCU's vibrant community. Melinda Hilton, Events and Visits Manager, will be your point person and provide you with event details, including dates, times, locations, and available roles.

    In-person meetings with students
    Admissions offers Personalized Visits (PV) to all high school seniors, allowing them to design their own visit experience. Casual one-on-one conversations with a student and their family during their PV are a great way for anyone outside of the admission office to help engage with prospective students.

    Virtual meetings with students
    Students who live out of state or are unable to visit JCU in person may sign up for a Virtual Personalized Visit. Engaging with students during an individual virtual session increases their connection to JCU.

    House Specialties

    New (or newish?) things we need to implement this year.

    Handwritten Notes (10 each) to admitted students
    Handwritten notes are nice touch later on in the admission process. We'll provide you with cards and template messages. These notes will target admitted students who have been identified as potential high-impact students on campus.

    Attendance at regional events (Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Detroit, etc.)
    Throughout the year, our team travels to different cities to meet students and families where they are. Some of these trips involve larger events that include a reception and speakers. Typically, these trips involve only 1-2 nights on the road. This is a great option if you want to come on the road with us to represent JCU!

    Allow admitted students to visit a class on Class Visit Days (faculty only)
    At this point in the process, students most often want to know three things: Who will be teaching me? Who are my potential classmates and what are they like? Where will I live and eat? Visiting a class and meeting with current students can help answer the first question. 


    Putting the cherry on top.

    Film a video (2-3 minutes) clarifying program distinctions

    Can you think of a half dozen things that make your program distinctive? Can you boil them down to something that’ll fit into a couple of minutes of non-professionally produced video? That’s what we’re after, and that’s what’ll get a student’s attention amid the myriad emails with which we pummel them.

    Create a "day in the life of" video
    For overachievers only. This will really take some planning, it will certainly make our recruitment efforts stronger. Unusual teaching style? Unusual avocational interests? Footage of students over at your home for dinner? Footage of a particularly compelling lecture? Books you’d recommend? Footage highlighting the programs and services your office provides? We're open to your ideas.

    Tell us how you'd like to get involved.