Ignatian Heritage Award

    As a Jesuit, Catholic university, John Carroll is inspired by a set of values that flow from our Ignatian heritage. Six of these values and the way they impact the student experience are summarized below.

    Finding God in all Things inspires students to look for God—and for goodness, truth, beauty, and justice—in all their studies, activities, relationships, and in all of creation. Because JCU welcomes people of all faiths and worldviews, this is meant to be an inclusive, imaginative search that is open to all.

    Choosing the Greater Good (the Magis)
    inspires students to discern which of many good choices brings about the greater, more everlasting good in a particular situation. In choosing this way, we become ethical leaders, give greater glory to God, and make the world a better place.  

    Caring for the Whole Person (cura personalis) inspires students to integrate their head, heart, intellect and feelings as they learn in and outside the classroom.

    Being People For and With Others inspires students to stand with those who are poor and marginalized in a spirit of generosity and service, working together to advocate for justice and build community.

    Caring for the Earth, our Common Home inspires students to recognize the sacredness and interconnectedness of all creation and to realize our shared responsibility to care for the earth, promote sustainability, and reverse climate change.  

    Promoting Faith that Does Justice inspires students to explore the necessary link between faith and action that advances the work of justice through study, reflection, prayer, and advocacy.

    Reflecting on your Catholic high school education as you prepare to graduate in 2022, choose one of the values listed above and show us how it has influenced your beliefs and actions. How might you deepen or develop this value through your John Carroll education?  

    Submit a video of no more than 3 minutes in length to thoughtfully respond to the prompt.  We encourage you to be creative and think critically on your response.  Additional consideration will be given to students who demonstrate effort and forethought.

    Videos should be submitted using a horizontal format and uploaded to YouTube as "unlisted" to maintain privacy.  Please provide the link to the video in the appropriate box below.

    The Application Deadline is January 10 at 11:59 PM Eastern.
    Semi-finalists will be announced in late January and virtual interviews for semi-finalists will take place in early February.


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